Councillors to hear update of development progress

Banff and Buchan councillors will hear the progress being made in six key areas in an effort to make towns and villages in the area better places to live and work.

The report details projects in the councillors’ wards that aim to achieve these goals.

The councillors will meet for the last meeting of the Banff and Buchan Area Committee before the summer break next week to discuss the progress as part of the report from the chief executive, Colin MacKenzie.

In Fraserburgh, a Commercial Marketing Development Project looks to market and develop Fraserburgh’s International Marine Services Hub and offshore wind operation and maintenance development, the project having been discussed with the key businesses involved.

Ultimately, the project will seek to promote the facilities of Fraserburgh’s harbour to international clients for boat repair and maintenance.

However, progress on other initiatives, such as the supply and demand of commercial property and the creation of advertorials to promote Fraserburgh in trade press have been cancelled or delayed.