Doreen Mair to run as independent candidate

INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE: Doreen Mair will run for election in May.
INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE: Doreen Mair will run for election in May.

FISSH Chairperson Doreen Mair has announced her intention to run for election in May.

In a letter stating her intentions, Ms Mair said: “I’m a born and bred Brocher with a teenage daughter and an extended family and friends that I want the best for, what more can I say about how badly I want the area to progress and prosper. We are all fed up of the negative feeling that has been prevalent – this area has great people, it also has great possibilities we just need to unleash them.

“However this does not mean that we should be insular, we should be ready to welcome new people and new enterprise to the area.

“We have MSP’s, MP’s and MEP’s to follow the party line. Local government should be about local issues, which is why I have decided to stand as an Independent candidate. The guidelines I want to follow are the interests of the people of Ward 3, the local area and Aberdeenshire as a whole. If elected I would ensure that I worked with other councillors and officials to form a strong team for our long-term benefit.

“I spent many years in the oil industry and held various posts in personnel and administration, community liaison and public affairs, document control, project management and rationalisation.

“I’ve spent the past 5 years as the Chair of FISSH working, with the committee and the community, to get the area its fantastic new Swimming, Sport & Community Complex in James Ramsey Park. This has involved managing the project from conception to having it accepted by Aberdeenshire Council into their Capital Plan, and from then working with the Council on their Project Team to ensure that the new complex has been developed with the voice of the community heard throughout. The project is on schedule for completion in early 2013.

“At the same time we have raised over £100,000 towards the new fun facilities that will ensure both its social and economic success and bring the chance of great prosperity to the town.

“We have to capitalise on that in order to help with our areas’ regeneration. We must grow and diversify in order to meet the needs of the influx of people to the area whether they come to compete at sporting events or simply to enjoy the facilities as families.

“We also have a great heritage that must be cherished and established industry that must be helped and encouraged. However we also need to build a stronger future. In order to achieve this we need fresh ideas, spirit and approach. If elected I will tell it as it is and I will do my best for the whole community, young, old and in-between, whatever their interests or business needs.”