Fraserburgh church group to hold ‘non political’ EU talk

Saint Peter's Church in Fraserburgh.
Saint Peter's Church in Fraserburgh.

A Fraserburgh church group has organised an evening of “non party political discussion” on the lead up to the EU referendum.

Fraserburgh Churches Together is holding the event on Monday June 20 where attendees can hear short presentations from a diverse group of people.

Keith Suckling, Minister at St Peter’s Episcopalian Church, said: “We are not looking for party political or campaign statements, we want to hear how people in different situations see the choice they have to make.

“For example, locally the view of the fishing community may well be different from that of the farming community.”

He added: “We expect to have a number of short presentations of no more than 5 minutes and we are currently assembling a panel of speakers.”

Following the presentations there will be time allocated for attendees to discuss the matters that have arisen in the speeches.

The meeting will be held at St Peter’s on Charlotte Street.

Anyone wishing to participate as a speaker should contact Rev Suckling at .