George Esslemont to stand for election

George Esslemont has declared his intention to stand as an independent candidate in the upcoming May elections.

In a statement, Mr Esslemont said: “Why Independent? There is no political party that inspires me to follow them in any way. I believe in straight talking, to be honest and truthful in order to achieve great things.”

Mr Esslemont moved to Fraserburgh in 1980, his father’s side of the family having been born and brought up in Fraserburgh. The third generation Elder at the West Parish Church is married with three children, a grandfather to three grandchildren.

Having served time with Sir William Arrols in Glasgow, finishing in 1964 on the Forth Road Bridge in 1964, Mr Esslemont moved to New Zealand to live and work for 16 years. Arriving back in Scotland in 1980, the election hopeful progressed through the ranks at Peterhead Engineering, owning shares in the company and becoming vice-chairman of the Engineering Industry Training Board in Peterhead in 1988.

He said: “I have worked in the oil and gas related industry since 1980, and am well versed with industry sector requirements, which I would like to promote and cultivate with in the Fraserburgh district.

“I believe there is local capability that could be gaining work from involvement in this area if pushed by someone with the right knowledge and expertise.

“My aspirations for the future of Fraserburgh would include the full retention of the maternity unit at the local hospital. I would also interact to help local companies to work out how they can take on board apprentices and explore what the actual costs of doing this would be together with the benefits as a whole to the Fraserburgh community.

“To liaise with the local training college to work towards developing an apprenticeship scheme where companies could jointly work with Banff & Buchan College to achieve this.

“I do not want to see this district decline and have a real concern about the local residents and community long term needs together with the welfare of everyone in the area not just the select few.

“This is not something that can be achieved by just a few councillors; we need to get the local residents, companies, everyone possible involved to come along side us to make a success of the future for Fraserburgh.

“If I am elected I will work diligently for this area together with other councillors, to ensure accountability in what we do as a community and with the help of residents we can jointly demonstrate to ‘Aberdeenshire’ that Fraserburgh means business,” said Mr Esslemont.