Licensing boards must harness full power

North-east Liberal Democrat MSP Alison McInnes has slammed the high cost of alcohol in the North East. She was commenting on analysis published by
Alcohol Focus Scotland which breaks down the cost of alcohol-related harm across the

The MSP said: “It shows that Glasgow has the worst drink-related harm costs per person at £615 for 2010-11, with Aberdeen second worst in the country at £557. For Aberdeen that means an estimated £120m. Aberdeenshire by comparison comes in at £262 per person, a total of £64m. What a waste of money.

“These costs are eye-watering for an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, but it has no bearing on the horrific impact alcohol abuse has on our homes and communities. It’s clear that licensing boards throughout Scotland need to harness their full and sometimes underused powers.

“I am proud that the Liberal Democrats in Holyrood supported the ground-breaking minimum pricing legislation in Scotland which will go some way to break down the link between consumption and