Local Bill Rebecca to stand in election

Independent: If elected Bill hopes to help individual with their worries and issues and well as projects or issues in the wider community.
Independent: If elected Bill hopes to help individual with their worries and issues and well as projects or issues in the wider community.

Local man Bill Rebecca has announced his intention to stand for the Troup ward in the local election in May.

Bill who has lived in Pitullie for over 20 years has a great deal of experience working in law enforcement, large companies, the voluntary and public sectors, further education and as a self employed People and Organisational Development advisor.

Speaking to the Fraserburgh Herald Bill said: “I am delighted to be nominated to stand as an independent candidate in Troup ward.

“I have Masters Graduate from Robert Gordon University and a Teaching Graduate from Aberdeen University and I have a wide range of business and management qualifications. I believe that this has prepared me well for the new and exciting challenges ahead.

“I am and will always be a pro active supporter of the work done by the third sector groups within the Banff and Buchan area. I was a founding member and director of Fraserburgh Forward, a member of Fraserburgh Futures and a founding member and director of local community radio. I am currently a presenter on the local radio and a member of Aberdeenshire Citizens’ Panel.

“I am equally determined to play my part and do what I can to facilitate and stimulate economic growth particularly in the tourism and enterprise sectors.

“I get immense satisfaction from helping people achieve their personal goals and potential and in providing or facilitating advocacy services. I am particularly keen to ensure that our older citizens and others who are disadvantaged or excluded within our society have the opportunity to access local government and to be heard.

“Standing as an independent candidate will allow me to represent the views and concerns of the community, unfettered by party political imperatives. My philosophy is simple. Let there be transparency in all issues, plain speaking in all discussion and fairness in all dealings.

“There really is no place for political wrangling, filibustering, posturing or hiding behind bureaucratic complexity where the well being of the community is concerned. To this end I will work with colleagues, regardless of political hue, to ensure that genuine community priorities are given fair consideration.

“If elected in May I will do my best to ensure that the community I represent has a proper hearing in the wider arena, that there is consistent, open and meaningful dialogue with council officers, colleagues and others, so that where there is potential for community benefit, then the benefit is achieved.”