Local college praised by MSP Christian Allard

Christian Allard MSP.
Christian Allard MSP.

Local MSP Christian Allard has welcomed new findings which conclude that North East Scotland College creates an income of £406 million per year for the region’s economy.

North East Scotland College commissioned Economic Modelling Specialists International (EMSI) to provide analysis of the social and economic impact of learning.

The net impact of staff and College expenditure in the North East Region comes to approximately £38.7 million in added income for the regional economy each year. Analysis also shows that the accumulated contribution of former North East Scotland College learners who are currently employed in the regional workforce amounts to £360.9 million in added income.

Mr Allard said that the analysis was another example of the prosperity of the North-east region. He added that many of the quality food and drink producers in the region can benefit from having excellent higher education institutions such as the North East Scotland College.

He said: “This analysis clearly demonstrates that North East Scotland College is a major contributor to the region’s economy.

“It is particularly pleasing to see that the college spends a considerable sum on goods and services in the North East. I am sure that local fishing and farming communities can benefit from having such institutions spending money on their products.

“The economic contribution of the college stands at £406.4 million each year – this is a valuable asset to the North East.”