Membership boost for local Greens

Councillor Martin Ford
Councillor Martin Ford

The local Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire branch of the Scottish Green Party has doubled in size in the days following the independence referendum.

Nationally, the Scottish Green Party has seen a rise in membership of more than 3,800, more than doubling the total number of party members.

So far, the Aberdeenshire Green Party branch has gained more than 140 new members...with numbers increasing on a daily basis.

Aberdeenshire Green councillor Martin Ford said: “An increase in membership on this scale will transform the Party’s capacity to put its case for a fairer society based on the sustainable use of natural resources – and its capacity to fight and win elections.

“The priorities the Party highlighted during the referendum are applicable to either outcome.

“The difference for us now is that we will have many more members contributing to getting our message across.”