MSP Allard backs SNP fishing pledge

North-east MSP Christian Allard has backed the SNP’s publication of its priorities for Scotland’s fishing industry in Europe.

Ahead of the European Elections on May 22 the SNP has pledged to fight for maximum decision making powers on fishing to be returned to Scotland, for the EU to fully support innovations pioneered by the Scottish fleet and to stand up for the needs of our fishing industry in Europe.

The French-born MSP, who worked in the industry for over 30 years before entering politics in 2013, stressed how important fishing is for the communities of the North East and for the wider economy.

Commenting Mr Allard said:“Successive Westminster governments have sacrificed Scotland’s fishing interests in European negotiations meaning that our fishermen receive just 40% of UK funding despite having 87% of key stocks landed in Scottish ports.

“The SNP is the fishing industry’s best friend and a vote for the party next week can gain Scotland an even louder voice in Europe. Better still, with the full powers of an independent nation we will always put Scotland’s priorities in this industry first and foremost,” he added.

SNP candidates for Europe are Ian Hudghton, Alyn Smith, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, Stephen Gethins, Toni Giugiano, and Chris Stephens.