MSP calls for tough questions to be asked

Christian Allard MSP.
Christian Allard MSP.

Following the result of the referendum North East MSP Christian Allard is urging Scottish fishing industry representatives to ask hard questions of the UK government.

Mr Allard insisted that as a representative of both Yes and No voters in his North East region he would work to make sure that the main Westminster parties honour their pledge of more powers for the Scottish Parliament.

Just days before the referendum the Prime Minister and the other party leaders pledged more powers including a commitment to maintain Scotland’s funding.

The SNP MSP said the future of the Scottish fishing industry is now unclear because the people of Scotland do not know what devolution powers Scotland will have, if the UK will be staying in the EU and if funding levels will be maintained.

The North East MSP is urging representatives of the fishing industry to ask tough questions of the Westminster parties to address these issues.

Commenting, Christian Allard MSP said: “The No vote has resulted in a number of uncertainties for the future of Scottish fishing industry. We have no idea what new devolution powers will be handed to Scotland, there is uncertainty over what funding will come from Westminster and we have no control over whether Scotland remains in the EU or not.

“It is imperative that industry representatives address the uncertainty after the No vote by asking tough questions of the Westminster parties.

“There must be a clear vision for the Scottish fishing industry to navigate these uncertainties and it must come sooner rather than later.

“Regardless of the outcome of the independence referendum I will continue to support the Scottish fishing industry through these challenging times.”

Mr Allard also paid tribute to those involved in the debate on Scotland’s future following the referendum.