MSP condemns Royal Mail sale as Audit Office release report

Christian Allard MSP.
Christian Allard MSP.

North-east MSP Christian Allard has condemned the “botched” sale of Royal Mail following news from the National Audit Office.

The Office concluded that efforts could have been made to achieve better value for money for the taxpayer.

Royal Mail shares are now more than 70% higher than the 2013 sale price. This follows the recent announcement that the privatised company would be cutting 1,600 jobs and increasing stamp prices.

The SNP MSP said that the privatisation of the public service could affect its ability to deliver a universal service in a large rural region like the North-east.

Commenting, Mr Allard said: “The Con-Lib coalition has botched the sale of Royal Mail. This valuable public asset was sold off well below its true value, short-changing taxpayers.

“The Westminster Government has some serious questions to answer about the loss of so much taxpayer’s money. Royal Mail should never have been sold in the first place.

“Not only is the Scottish Government opposed to the privatisation of Royal Mail but figures show that 77% of people in Scotland are opposed to the move as well.

“Only with independence can Scotland have a publicly owned mail service that meets the needs of our rural communities.”

The full report from the National Audit Office is available online via their website at