MSP hits out at Poll Tax

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Scottish Government plans for a new law to stop councils pursuing people for historic Poll Tax debts have been welcomed by SNP MSP Christian Allard.

Mr Allard is also calling for North East Labour MSPs to back the plans and support their Labour colleagues who have already done so.

Following the referendum, and a record number of people being on the electoral roll, First Minister Alex Salmond said the roll should not be used by councils to chase Poll Tax debts – some of which are now over 20 years old.

The announcement follows fears that councils could use the details of the thousands who registered to vote in last month’s referendum to recover outstanding debts.

Mr Allard is calling on local Labour MSPs Lewis Macdonald, Richard Baker and Jenny Marra to offer their support for the new law.

Commenting, Mr Allard said: “After 25 years, a line has finally been drawn under the deeply unfair and widely hated Poll Tax. The First Minister’s announcement that Poll Tax debt in Scotland is to be ‘dead and buried’ once and for all is very welcome indeed.”