MSP in praise for prison officers

Following the incident at HMP Grampian in Peterhead last week, Banffshire and Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson has praised the work of the prison’s staff in dealing with the situation.

On Wednesday, May 14, the Buchan Observer had reported that a 12-hour incident at HMP Grampian had been brought to an end by police and prison staff.

The disturbance, which involved more than 40 inmates broke out just before 9pm on Tuesday night, May 13.

Commenting in the aftermath, Mr Stevenson said: “I am pleased that the professionalism of prison staff has brought this incident to a satisfactory conclusion without the need for other services to be involved.

“They were aided by the modern design of the new prison which allows areas of difficulty to be closed down, maximising protection of staff and prisoners.

“It’s disappointing that a number of prisoners are determined to ignore the significant opportunities to turn around their lives that the new prison offers.

“I’m sure we are all grateful to the staff at HMP Grampian for their effective and professional response to this incident.”

Police Scotland have launched an investigation into the incident.

HMP Grampian admitted its first inmates on March 3 after replacing HMP Peterhead and Craiginches. It is the first prison in the country house male, female and young offenders.

A Scottish Prison Service statement said: “The incident at HMP Grampian which had been ongoing since yesterday evening has now been concluded following staff intervention.”

An earlier incident took place on April 29, when a two-hour stand-off between prisoners and guards took place. Earlier this month, the Buchanie had reported that the SPS had dismissed reports of stand offs.