Multiple occupancy plan for former children’s home denied

A rumour about the building which previously housed Scalloway Park Children’s home has been firmly denied by Aberdeenshire Council.

An angry letter sent to the Fraserburgh Herald and a number of local Councillors made several allegations.

It began: “Rob Simpson (housing) is proposing to turn the old children’s home, that the council previously deemed “not fit for purpose” into a house of multiple occupancy!

“The dispute is not only about the use of the building but the building itself as it was supposed to be demolished as part of the planning granted for the new children’s home that has now been built on land behind the old one. We as residents were lead to believe that demolition would be as soon as new one open, I have repeatedly asked the council, local councillors when, but have been fobbed off by the council with ifs and buts.”

The writer continued in a similar vein for several paragraphs, alleging that the application would not be going through Aberdeenshire planning committee for change of use, etc: “So we will not have a say on what happens here on in, we can only voice our outrage, hopefully with your help, and hope they change their minds or they don’t get the grant !

The Herald put the matter to Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Housing, Mr Simpson, and he said: “There are no plans to convert the former children’s home into a house of multiple occupancy.

“We are in the early stages of considering a future use for the site, with the preferred option being the creation of six self-contained flats.

“Any future redevelopment of the site would be subject to the identification of funding and the usual planning process, during which members of the public and other interested parties would have the opportunity to lodge comments.”