New affordable housing available

Available: New semi detached houses are available to buy for first time buyers and those on council waiting lists.
Available: New semi detached houses are available to buy for first time buyers and those on council waiting lists.

First-time buyers and those on council house waiting lists are among those eligible to buy new affordable housing in Fraserburgh.

Aberdeenshire Council in partnership with Ken Barbour Limited and Claymore Homes are offering four 2-bed semi-detached houses for £90,000 in Fraserburgh and six 3-bed semi-detached properties for £110,000.

The properties are available to first time buyers or people with a significant change in their household circumstances who have a gross annual household income of £28,000 or less. They are also available for those who are either tenants of Aberdeenshire Council or a Housing Association, or waiting list applicants.

Priority will be given to those applicants who have a local connection to the areas, for example those who live, work or have a family in Fraserburgh or the surrounding area.

Councillor Brian Topping said: “This is good news for the Broch. Affordable housing is something that we have been needing. I have campaigned for years for tenants right to buy affordable housing and I am pleased the Scottish Government, Aberdeenshire Council and partners have agreed to build some of this housing in Fraserburgh. We do need a lot more housing but this is a step in the right direction.”

Councillor Michael Watt added: “I am pleased that affordable housing is available. The creation of new housing is always beneficial for Fraserburgh and it is good to see that affordable housing is getting built not just high end housing which is too expensive for many people.

Councillor Ian Tait said: “This is an opportuntiy which some of my constituents may wish to take up. I would urge them to look into it further.

“There is no commitment needed to do that and if they find the properties are within their budget and in a location where they would wish to live then they can take it from there.”

Newly-elected councillor Charles Buchan also thought affordable housing was a benefit to the area, saying: “This should help at least some young people, and first time buyers, get started on the housing ladder, and will have some effect in satisfying some of the demand for decent housing in Fraserburgh.

“On top of this, I hope the banks and other mortgage providers will open their purse-strings and provide mortgage finance at affordable terms.”

For further information, or to request an application pack, call Elise Young on (01467) 628421, or email