New street name to go to full council meeting

Woodhill House, Aberdeen.
Woodhill House, Aberdeen.

Banff and Buchan councillors saw the issue of naming Fraserburgh’s new street, near Quarry Road, go to a meeting of the full council this week.

Councillors had been split on agreeing a name at this week’s meeting of the Banff and Buchan Area Committee after it was suggested that the street be named William Wallace Way.

“The community council were consulted and they put forward some names.

“We discussed each and every one,” said Councillor Brian Topping, Fraserburgh councillors Charles Buchan, Brina Topping and Ian Tait having previously discussed options for the new streets name.

Meanwhile, local councillor Michael Watt suggested the new street acknowledge the contribution that a local business had made to the town over the years.

At the meeting on Tuesday, Fraserburgh and district’s Councillor Watt called for the item to be taken to a meeting of the full council which was, ultimately, supported by half of the councillors present.

“I don’t think it would be suitable using a forename or Christian name,” Councillor Michael Roy, speaking against the proposed name, said.

The vote had been tied on the decision to call the street William Wallace Way, Councillor Cox having the power, as chair, to cast the tie breaker.

The favoured options for the street name had been whittled down to William Wallace Way or Wallace Way at a meeting attended by Councillors Buchan, Topping, and Tait, both named after the historical figure. A unanimous agreement at that meeting, however, could not be reached.

Naming the street after William Wallace had been raised at a meeting of the Fraserburgh Community Council in February, when it was suggested by a community councillor that the street be named after someone everyone knew.

Other suggestions included McDonald Place after Banff-born war hero Lieutenant Colonel Samuel McDonald, Boyle Street, named after Fraserburgh’s town clark James Boyle who served in the post from 1946 to 1975, and Charles Jarvis, a Victoria Cross recipient of World War One.

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