North-east MSP backs NUS Scotland campaign

NUS Scotland has welcomed the support of Lewis Macdonald MSP for its Fund Scotland’s Future campaign, which calls upon the Scottish Government to reverse the proposed £34.6m cut to college

MSPs who have not signed up to the campaign are receiving emails from their constituents who have signed up to the petition at asking them to reverse the proposed cut to college

This campaign comes one year after NUS Scotland’s last college funding campaign, Our Future, Our Fight,
was launched, when 80,000 emails were sent to MSPs.

Lewis Macdonald, Regional Labour MSP for North-east Scotland, said:
“I am happy to back the Fund Scotland’s Future campaign and to sign the petition calling on the SNP to reverse the proposed cuts in
college budgets in Scotland. Colleges are a vital resource for people of all ages who are seeking to further their education or train for a career,
and SNP cuts will
reduce the opportunities that our colleges are
able to provide, affecting employment at a time when jobs and training are more important than

“The oil and gas industry in Aberdeen depends upon local colleges to train its employees and any cuts in funding or
resources will affect the ability of Scottish colleges to train Scottish youngsters for work in this important area. Scottish Labour has campaigned against college cuts both locally and nationally, and I am calling on the
SNP to reverse their planned £34.6m budget cuts and instead to invest in Scottish colleges and their students.”

More information on the Fund Scotland’s Future campaign can be found at the website: