North East MSP concerned over university numbers

  • Secondary Schools need to increase number of leavers going into higher education
  • Conservative MSP wants to see greater support given
  • Aberdeenshire is 1.4% above national average

North East MSP Alex Johnstone has written to the Education Minister expressing concern that not enough is being done to ensure the four Banff and Buchan secondary schools increase the number of school leavers going on to university.

An Aberdeenshire Community Planning Board report also highlighted the fact that school leavers who live in the more deprived areas are less likely to enter positive destinations on leaving school than those from the less deprived areas, with a substantial gap between those from the least deprived and those from the most deprived.

Commenting, Mr Johnstone said “I welcome he fact that Aberdeenshire is 1.4% above the national average for school leavers entering a positive destination, but it is very clear that more needs to be done to support the secondary school leavers in Banff and Buchan.”

“Neither do I not believe that if someone comes from a background that is disadvantaged, that this should dictate the course of their life. I want to see people maximise the potential of their abilities, and in this day and age a background deemed to be ‘deprived’ should in no way be a barrier to future success.”

“Given the contents of the Community Planning Partnership Report, I would like to see greater support given to these four schools, so that this disparity can be addressed urgently.”