North-east MSP on blindfold walk

Alison McInnes walking with Kate Mayes.
Alison McInnes walking with Kate Mayes.

North-east Liberal Democrat MSP Alison McInnes on Friday, June 6, experienced the challenges facing blind and partially-sighted people on Ellon’s streets.

Mrs McInnes donned a blindfold to walk with the guide dog mobility instructor Kate Mayes from the Guide Dogs Training School at Forfar and guide dog Seve, who is in the final stages of training.

“The guide dog did fantastically well, but the blindfold walk brought home the difficulties presented by street clutter,” said Mrs McInnes.

“It showed me how brilliantly the dogs work and how much a guide dog owner has to put their complete faith in them. It certainly made me realise how different the world is when you do not have your eyesight.”

The walk was part of a move to back the Guide Dogs Streets Ahead campaign which highlights some of key obstacles that people have to overcome every day.

The blindfold walk also highlighted the importance of Guide Dogs Safe and Sound campaign urging mandatory audio on electric vehicles.

“Judging when it was safe to cross the road was very difficult because of so much noise around. But I would be far more worried if there was a vehicle coming towards me at speed that didn’t make any noise at all,” said Mrs McInnes.

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