Partnership look to expand


On Tuesday, March 27, the Banffshire Partnership presented to councillors at the Banff and Buchan Area Committee their plans for the coming year.

The Partnership told councillors that they had a number of ongoing projects in the area, but were keen to address their own financial sustainability in 2012, telling councillors that it would be easy for them to take contract and consultancy work out of the area to raise the funds, but would be detrimental to the community at large.

Councillor Ian Tait told the Partnership that he had asked them if it would be possible to expand their service into Fraserburgh, but was disappointed to have received a negative reply in response.

“We tried not to be completely negative,” replied the spokesperson for the Banffshire Partnership, telling councillors that as a small group they cannot currently address all the issues in Aberdeenshire and be effective at the same time.

Cllr Tait went on to express his personal view that Fraserburgh was an area in need, and that the funding given to the Banffshire Partnership should be considered if they did not expand activities into the town.

Cllr Michael Watt told the Partnership of Fraserburgh’s own community groups, Fraserburgh Forward and the Business Partnership, inviting the Banffshire Partnership to attend those meetings to pass on their expertise, something that was received positively by the members of the Partnership in attendance.

Cllr Topping asked if it would be possible for the Partnership to expand into Fraserburgh if more money was made available to them, something that the Partnership said was ‘theoretically’ possible.

“The partnership does not go into deliver projects, it’s there to support them,” the spokesperson replied.

Cllr S. Mair praised the Partnership, saying that the impetus had to be with on Fraserburgh’s community to “get up and make sure there’s a group of people to make something like the Partnership.”