Partridge looks into Watermill junction

Councillor Hamish Partridge.
Councillor Hamish Partridge.

A busy junction that connects Fraserburgh to Sandhaven is set to be investigated by Aberdeenshire Council following concerns raised by a councillor.

Troup, which covers Sandhaven and Pitullie, councillor Hamish Partridge has told us that he has asked council officials if something could be done about the junction at Watermill Road.

The problem at the junction is said to be the single-lane nature of the road, which means that, when one vehicle wishes to turn right onto the Banff road, all other vehicles are forced to wait.

With the recent developments of a nearby supermarket, and backing for a second store, Councillor Partridge approached the council.

Commenting, he said: “The junction at Doig Springs on Watermill Road has been an issue raised with me over and over since the election, and is something that has continually concerned me during planning applications for new development.

“I am absolutely delighted that Aberdeenshire Council have listened to my plea to investigate some improvement work at the junction. This junction can be a real issue for commuters from the local area, including Rosehearty and Sandhaven, and this improvements would make a world of difference.

“We have seen a large increase of traffic using this junction over the years with many developments and growing businesses within the area, and, with more developments in the near future, this issue is only going to get worse and needs to be addressed to allow people to travel to and from Fraserburgh easily.

“I look forward to further discussions on what can be done to improve this junction with council officers and, hopefully, we will see work done in the very near future,” he added.