R-dog campaign moving forward

RESPONSIBLE: The group is keen on taking suggestions from the public.
RESPONSIBLE: The group is keen on taking suggestions from the public.

Following news of Councillor Michael Watt’s responsible dog owners initiative in Fraserburgh, he has commented further on aspects of the idea.

Cllr Watt told the Herald that he had received a lot of interest from people in and around Fraserburgh, commenting that other groups around Aberdeenshire were interested in setting up their own, similar group. He added that, at a meeting scheduled for April 12 at the Council Chambers, members of Aberdeenshire Council and a dog warden will be in attendance.

“We will have the benefit of experienced attendees,” he said.

“As some of the other groups have decided on a similar idea it would be good to hear from them as there is no point in re inventing the wheel, we will be able to share the ideas on how we can make Fraserburgh and district better and cleaner for residents.

“The main objective of R-dog it to establish a group who want to be recognised as folk who clean up after their pets as there is so much comments regarding dog mess on some of our best know beauty spots and children play areas. This is another chance for Fraserburgh to lead the way in something that is a wide spread problem all over the UK. If you are a dog owner or have ideas on how we can promote and encourage greater responsibility of owners to keep Fraserburgh and District cleaner, we would be glad to hear from you.”