Redesign of skip site bid to ease congestion

The Fraserburgh recycling centre at West Shore.
The Fraserburgh recycling centre at West Shore.

A Fraserburgh councillor has called for a re-design of the town’s recycling centre after claiming it had become a victim of its own success.

Councillor Ian Tait was instrumental in getting a new up-to-date recycling centre for Fraserburgh’s West Shore several years ago, the old site usually being awash with mud and oil and strewn with rubbish.

However, the new centre is so busy that there are often long queues of traffic to use the facility.

Speaking to the Herald, Cllr Tait said: “The centre is always busy and is doing a marvellous job and that has meant it sometimes has become a victim of its own success.

“I am concerned at the hold-ups that can occur and the long queues of vehicles piling up waiting to get in.

“I have asked the council’s head of waste management to ensure that the operatives who work there help to unload the material from the vehicles to allow faster passage of vehicles through the site.

“I also suggested the officers look at a re-design I produced for them.”

Cllr Tait says his aim was to separate the traffic going to the skips and to the recycling bins.

“People only going to the recycling bins would be able to by-pass the skips entrance and enter the bins area where they exit from at present,” he said.

“After emptying their load, they would drive on and turn right into a new one-way road leading back into the present main road.”

However, this would mean the ground for the new road would have had to come from the ground within the compass of the Can-Do project which is based there.

The council’s waste officers consulted the Can-Do project but it was not possible for them to release the strip of land for this purpose because they needed it for future expansion and give free movement for their LGV deliveries.

“Can-Do is a very well run and successful project and I would not want anything done to interfere with their operation so my design will have to go into hibernation in the meantime until we can see whether there is available ground in the future,” said Cllr Tait.

“However, the waste officers have said that the traffic management issue is recognised as being a difficulty and with that in mind it is intended to dismantle the internal fencing and rearrange the layout for access to the rubble and earth skips and the electrical containers.

“This should alleviate any congestion at the corner of the exit route of our site. and so at least though my full plan could not be put into effect for lack of the strip of ground, the traffic flow will be improved as a result of my raising it.”