Rennie wants iron garuntee on local democracy

Willie Rennie MSP.
Willie Rennie MSP.

Commenting on reports that the President of the Association of Scottish Police Superintendents is to say that the number of local authorities and councils should be cut to save costs, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has urged SNP Ministers to not force a centralisation agenda upon local councils.

Mr Rennie MSP has said: “We need a cast iron guarantee from SNP ministers that they will not force their centralisation agenda upon our local councils and health boards. Since the SNP came to power they have stripped power from our local police service and now plan to do the same with our local courts.

“Local communities are already anxious about Ministers trying to claw back power to the Holyrood government. These plans would take us across the Rubicon. Scottish Liberal Democrats want to build a fairer society by giving more powers to our local communities, not by stripping them away.

“SNP ministers must send a clear message to people in Scotland that local democracy firmly embedded in local communities is here to stay.”

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