Residents to have their say on Cruden Bay bridge

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Cruden Bay Community Association, (CBCA) has been campaigning for several years for the replacement and subsequent maintenance of the Ladies Bridge.

The Bridge provides the only direct and safe access to our wonderful beach.

With the assistance of local councillor, Norman Smith and Aberdeenshire Council, (ACC), the project has reached the stage where planning permission to construct and install the new bridge has been applied for. It is anticipated that the new bridge will be installed in 2015.

Securing funding for a new bridge is undoubtedly good news for the village.

The proposal does not allow for access during the construction phase. However, the timing of any closure should always consider village and business needs.

To this end, the CBCA together with ACC, is holding an open night tonight (ThurAugust 7), between 7.30pm and 9pm in the village hall, to display plans, have representatives on hand to answer questions and allow residents to ask questions, register concerns or to comment within the planning deadline.

CBCA chairman, Hugh McIntyre, said: “We are making every effort to engage the community to have their say in some of the details around the proposal, in particular the timing of any closure.

“While generally in support of the Council move to replace the structure, we believe that disruption will be minimised if all interested parties have their say,” he added.