‘Shire Council elections - update

Fraserburgh Ward Independent candidate Charlie Reid.
Fraserburgh Ward Independent candidate Charlie Reid.

We invite all the candidates for the Fraserburgh and District Ward in the forthcoming Aberdeenshire Council election to submit 250 biographical words and a photograph.

The election will take place on May 4.

Candidates who have not yet availed themselves of this service in the Fraserburgh Herald are invited to do so.

Charlie Reid (Independent)

I was born in Fraserburgh and have lived in the area all my days. I am a Brocher and proud to be so.

Our town is amazingly beautiful with some stunning architecture and of course our stunning beach is a mecca for surfers, windsurfers and walkers.

I, along with yourselves, have watched as our once prosperous town deteriorate since the mid 1990s.

Once we had a substantial fishing fleet that also supported all the other industries associated with the fishing industry. The decommissioning of the fleet and the subsequent knock-on effect saw many businesses close the doors.

Other companies have felt that they had no option but to relocate to other towns within Aberdeenshire.

It breaks my heart to see the decline of our town but it has not broken my spirit or the spirit of the people of the Broch.

I still see an amazing community spirit in Fraserburgh and I believe with the right representation in the Council Fraserburgh can begin to turn back the tide of decline and make it a better place to live and bring up our families.

On May 4 you have the chance to elect four councillors to represent you on Aberdeenshire council.

Now is the time for a change and I hope you will show your faith in me to be one of the lucky people to help bring out the best in our town.

Meanwhile, in the neighbouring Ward of Troup, SNP candidates have been announced.

Macduff man Ricky Taylor hopes to join colleague Ross Cassie in representing Troup Ward. Ricky Taylor, 20, is a community support worker from Macduff. He was educated at Macduff Primary School and Banff Academy before starting his working life in the care sector. Ricky has been involved in several community groups in Troup, and is a former member of Banff & Macduff Community Council - involvement in these groups gave Ricky the drive to get the very best for his community.

Ross Cassie, 55, is married with two daughters and lives in Macduff with his wife, Sue. Prior to being elected as a councillor for the Troup Ward at a by-election in 2014, Ross was a driving test examiner and prior to that served with West Midlands Police.

Ricky Taylor said: “I’m very pleased to have been selected by the local SNP members in the area and for someone of my age to be given the opportunity to serve their community.”

Cllr Ross Cassie said: “I’m delighted Ricky is standing for election. It would be a very good thing to get someone of Ricky’s age elected on to the council so we have a range of ages and views on the council we can draw on.”