Stevenson calls for stamping out domestic violence

MSP for Banffshire & Buchan Coast Stewart Stevenson tackled violence against women in a Scottish Parliament debate last week.

He expressed his desire to see a society based on mutual respect and safety for all citizens.

He said: “Violence against women does not simply endanger women - it demeans men, who are the primary source of that violence.”

He then welcomed the Scottish Government’s action in bringing forward new laws to deal with the issue, but acknowledged that gathering evidence of psychological and physical violence was a difficult task for the justice system.

He added: “The change that will make the greatest difference will come when we find ways to change men’s minds.

“We want to challenge attitudes and beliefs, which is extremely difficult.

“The psychological phenomenon that is called confirmation bias - the unconscious filtering out of information that is at odds with our established beliefs and learned behaviours - is a substantial barrier to change.

“I think we might be reaching a tipping point on the matter in the relatively near future, similar to the one that we reached with drink driving.

“When I first started, drinking and driving was just one things, but is now viewed differently.”