Sympathy for Lonmay residents

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Councillors Charles Buchan and Brian Topping have spoken of their sympathies with the residents of Lonmay following several incidents on its roads, but have called for patience ahead of any changes.

The councillors spoke to us last week about the issues concerning Lonmay residents near a busy road that has seen several vehicle collisions in recent years, a home by the busy road finding itself damage as a result on one incident some months ago.

The councillors revealed that, although they had approached the problem differently one another, they shared a sympathy to the village’s residents.

Councillor Buchan said: “I really feel for the residents - something must be done.

“I’ve been in contact with BEAR Scotland, Transport Scotland, and Stewart Stevenson MSP, and a meeting is going to take place with residents in the near future.

“We’re really pushing hard, and really want something positive to come out of this,” he added.

Councillor Topping, meanwhile, commented: “I think it is sensible to await the police investigations of the accidents, then see what the experts are saying.

“Like Charles, I have every sympathy with the residents of the village.

“I know a lot of folk have asked for various measures, such as speed limits, but we need to wait for the reports.

“We want to do all we can with our MSP and the residents.”

Attending a meeting at Lonmay last week with representatives from the local Community Council, Councillor Charles Buchan, and constituents, Stewart Stevenson MSP said: “I was pleased that Transport Scotland and BEAR Scotland officials agreed to my request that they come to Lonmay to hear the views of local residents and the Community Council at first hand.

“The officials agreed to take forward ideas for the short term, including flashing chevron warning signs at the bends, as well as look into possible longer term solutions, which I welcome.

“I do hope that these measures will go some way to improving the situation and we will follow these up with BEAR.”

Mr Stevenson arranged the meeting, at the Ban-Car Hotel.