Tait rejoins the Shire Alliance

Councillor Ian Tait.
Councillor Ian Tait.

Fraserburgh councillor Ian Tait has rejoined the Aberdeenshire Alliance after two years away from the group.

Councillor Tait left the Alliance in December 2012 over a disagreement with the council leadership over the issue of the Energetica Corridor not continuing to the Broch. At the time, Cllr Tait said: “I think Fraserburgh is not getting a fair deal.”

But now the Independent representative has rejoined, saying things are much fairer this time around.

“I left the Alliance to be able to speak out against the plan to stop the Energetica corridor at Peterhead instead of coming right up to Fraserburgh.

“The Scottish Government has agreed to that plan and so it is important for me to have an input into the council’s next plan as a member of the Alliance.

“This is the right time for me to re-join the Independents group and go back into the Alliance as an Independent.

“I have had the total freedom to speak out when necessary about matters I disagreed with such as moving the visitor information centre away from the town centre and I will continue to do so if need be.

“The council hamber building which housed the visitor information centre before it was moved to the Lighthouse Museum is going to be re-vamped this year and that is the perfect time to review re-locating the centre back to this building and bring those potential shoppers back to the town centre businesses.

“The Alliance is making good progress in regenerating Fraserburgh largely as a result of the initiatives I started when I was in the Alliance previously.

“We are now approaching a time when the various planned works for regeneration are going to be carried out and I will have greater influence from within the Alliance to make sure this is done for the benefit of my constituents.

“The Alliance is not a political group. It is definitely not based on agreed political objectives.

“I am still an Independent and always will be.

“I am delighted to be welcomed back by my fellow Independent councillors and to start working inside the Alliance for the greater good of the people in my ward,” he added.