Top three placing for Super Saturdays at awards

The Broch's Super Saturday event attracted crowds to Salton Square.
The Broch's Super Saturday event attracted crowds to Salton Square.

Fraserburgh’s successful Super Saturdays events has been highly praised in the recent Scottish Urban Regeneration Foundation (SURF) awrds.

Broch councillor Charles Buchan revealed last week that the event - which attracts hundreds of folk of the centre of Fraserburgh - had been placed in the top three of the awards list.

Cllr Buchan told the Herald: “The awards were held in Glasgow on December 2, and I was privileged to attend to represent Aberdeenshire Council, along with members of the team, which included Fraserburgh Forward and Fraserburgh Development Trust volunteers.

“The judges and speakers, including Paul Woodhouse, MSP, Minister for Communities, praised our initiative, and were impressed by the clear impact it has had on the town.

“From relatively small beginnings it has grown to 46 stalls, and is over subscribed. The number of empty shops in the town centre has fallen from 34 down to eight.

“Super Saturdays were placed in the top three in the Awards list.”

Cllr Buchan said the success of the event at the awards was yet another sign that Fraserburgh was turning the corner, helped not only by the council but also by the resources and talents and hard work of the community.

“Along with Retail Plus, which helps retailers and business in the town, mifraserburghphone app for visitors, new pontoons at the harbour, new beach developments, the forthcoming new industrial electrical supply cable for businesses in the town, help for sports and the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, and other initiatives Super Saturdays is playing a significant part in the progress of Fraserburgh,” added Cllr Buchan.

Commenting on the accolade, former Super Saturday co-ordinator Ann Bell said: “As I was involved with co-ordinating the pilot of Super Saturdays I am delighted that this worthwhile initiative is being recognised. The Super Saturdays have certainly been instrumental is assisting the regeneration of Fraserburgh town centre.

“Under the new co-ordinator, Anne Gostling, Super Saturdays are going from strength to strength.”

Head of Economic Development Belinda Miller said: “I would like to congratulate everyone who has been involved in organising and running the Super Saturdays since they began last spring.

“Regeneration is not just about buildings and the economy but also about communities and especially an active town centre. By working together, the partners involved in this scheme have delivered that and it has been wonderful to see both local residents and visitors to the area making the most of what the stalls have to offer. I would encourage as many people as possible to attend the final Super Saturday which has a festive theme and will be held on December 13.”