Troup councillor resigns from SNP

Councillor Hamish Partridge.
Councillor Hamish Partridge.

A Troup councillor has decided to resign as a member of the SNP saying he felt the party constrained his “freedom of speech.”

Hamish Partridge resigned from the party yesterday and will now continue his councillor duties as an independent.

Councillor Partridge said: “I have over the past four years felt a constraint about what I could say publicly, especially around the GP shortages in the area.”

“At the end of the day I have always been a vocal councillor, I have been quite vocal in standing up and saying what I feel and what is best for my constituents and my area.”

He added: “I think I could best serve them as an independent.”

Councillor Partridge said that despite resigning from the SNP he will not “jump ship” and join another party but he does plan on standing for re-election next year as an independent.

He said: “The plan at the moment is to stand again and go forward as an Independent.

“I am not planning to jump ship to another party.”

Writing on social media following his resignation Councillor Partridge wrote: “I will continue to serve my constituents in the same manner as I have done up to this point for the remainder of the elected term as an independent.

“I have always been vocal with my views be it for the SNP party or against, this has at times not gained me friends but I have and will always put my constituents and ward before party and politics and now with my resignation I can truly express some of the concerns faced by my constituents on a daily basis which was being restricted due to party rules and protocol.”

A spokesperson from the SNP group said “It’s been clear for some time Councillor Partridge has found it easier on occasions to act as an individual instead of seeking support of colleagues.”