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Fraserburgh and district councillor Ian Tait has resigned from his position as a member of the Aberdeenshire Alliance, telling the Herald that he felt the Broch was being treated unfairly as a result of policy.

The long-standing councillor, who ran as an independent candidate in this year’s elections, told us that he could no longer be on the group after opposing the Aberdeenshire Alliance’s policy to stop the development corridors at Peterhead.

Councillor Tait told the Herald: “I have always made it plain that Fraserburgh is not being treated fairly in comparison to Peterhead, and this is a major issue for me.

“I think Fraserburgh is not getting a fair deal.

“I could not stay in the Alliance when I disagreed so strongly with the Alliance policy to stop the development corridors at Peterhead.

“My first allegiance is to my constituents in Fraserburgh and district, and always will be.

“More jobs here boosts our case for better hospital facilities, school provision and more chance of the town centre coming to life from the extra money circulating in the local economy to be spent in shops and on services. I will be carrying on the fight to get the development corridors pushed up from Peterhead to include the Fraserburgh area, too,” the councillor added.

Following Councillor Tait’s resignation from the Aberdeenshire Alliance, opposition councillors have an equal share of the 68 Aberdeenshire seats.

Commenting on the news, Shadow Leader of the council, Hamish Vernal, said: “Clearly, the cracks in the ‘Aberdeenshire Alliance’ are starting to show a little over six months into the five year term.

“The desperation of the Liberals and Tories to keep the SNP out of administration, despite our winning the election with more seats than those two parties combined, meant that they had to cobble together a grand coalition of disparate interests. That is now starting to unravel and leaves the administration and opposition poised on a knife-edge with 34 seats each.”

Earlier this year, members of the Buchan Area Committee were presented with the Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Plan at a meeting in Arbuthnot House.

The report, by the Director of Infrastructure Services, outlined a range of issues relating to future development in Aberdeenshire, including onshore infrastructure, transport links and broadband access.

The report outlined the need for a co-ordinated approach to big projects and raised the importance of the Energetica corridor and carbon capture and storage to the North-east economy.

The 30 mile development corridor, Energetica, will extend from North Aberdeen to Peterhead, and, as referred to on Aberdeenshire Council’s website, is scheduled to be “a global hub of energy-related knowledge, technology and commercial know-how, based within a world-class lifestyle and leisure environment.”

The Energetica corridor is expected to generate £750 million of investment in its first 10 years.