Work to begin on historic Tarlair pool

Work is set to begin on the historic Tarlair pool complex.
Work is set to begin on the historic Tarlair pool complex.

Work has begun to stablise an historic open air swimming pool on the north Aberdeenshire coast which has lain mostly unused for many years.

Around £300,000 is being spent to arrest the decline of Tarlair Swimming Pool Complex, conserving traditional features and preparing it for future uses.

Owned by Aberdeenshire Council, the Category A Listed building near Macduff is unique for its integrated Art Deco style building design and open air swimming pool layout.

The project is being delivered by specialist conservation consultants and engineers Addison Conservation and Design.

The firm’s ideas about how to stabilise the structure were approved by the council and from this a project emerged to deal with the dilapidated boating pool and its immediate surroundings.

This area was given priority as it is the worst ravaged by time and tides. It will be repaired in such a way as to restore its original function and elegant appearance - the boating pond will not be filled in.

Concrete will be used to make all the curves, as the original, and the children’s paddling pool will also be brought back within the original architectural layout.

The scheme will also incorporate a gentle access ramp as there has been no way of getting disabled visitors down to the poolside.

Many older people visit Tarlair to remember the bygone days and a ramp will help them safely move around the place and everybody else, including the model boat club, will benefit from it.

Chairman of Aberdeenshire Council’s Banff and Buchan area committee, John Cox, said: “We are committted to stabilising Tarlair and preserving the category listing, and though it has taken a long time to get to this point, I’m delighted to see work start.”

Vice-chair Brian Topping said: “This work will help to provide a platform for future uses, while also reducing the size of future maintenance costs.”