Popular walking route still without fix

The walk way from the harbour to the Wine Tower has been closed since a landslip last year.
The walk way from the harbour to the Wine Tower has been closed since a landslip last year.

A popular walking route from Fraserburgh Harbour to the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses is still awaiting repair - months after a landslip prompted its closure.

The issue was highlighted at this month’s meeting of Fraserburgh Community Council, when Councillor Brian Topping suggested that an alternative route be put in place.

Since closing the path, a metal fence has been erected near the ‘Four Corners’, preventing access to walkers from the harbourside gaining access to the Wine Tower, the museum, and Fraserburgh Heritage Centre.

“They’re still waiting for a costing, but apparently it’s going to be a horrific amount of money,” explained Cllr Topping.

“I would hate people not to be able to have a coastal walk, but we should really have an alternative in place.”

Commenting on the situation, the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses’ business manager Gary Campbell said it was impossible to say whether or not the path’s closure was making a difference to the income of the tourist attraction, but did suggest that it was depriving visitors to the town of a scenic walkway.

“It has affected us in that one of the three access points has now been closed, and it has almost certainly affected visitors in that one of the most attractive routes in town is now closed.

“In terms of it having an affect on our income, and income generation, it would be impossible to say,” he added.

The coastal path near the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, was closed off with a metal fence after a heavy storm in December 2012 had caused a landslip.

Near one of the Museum’s tour sites, the Wine Tower, visitors of the town are able to see the lasting damage the 2012 storms have caused.