Port Rae in crisis

At the Rosehearty Community Council’s AGM on Thursday, April 5, the Community Council raised concerns with the councillors present, Cllr Sydney Mair and Cllr John Watson, that the Port Rae pier would not survive another winter if work was not carried out imminently.

Recommending to the councillors, the Community Council said that the pier needed to be fenced off so that it no longer posed a threat to people who may be inclined to walk across it.

A spectator at the meeting, a coastguard, said that he had serious concerns about the safety of the pier, asking the councillors if more could be done to the fix the pier.

Cllr Watson told the Community Council that he had brought the pier up on numerous occasions to Aberdeenshire Council, and that Coastal Protection were monitoring the situation.

Cllr Mair, meanwhile, advised the Community Council to take the issue to the top of Aberdeenshire Council, telling the Chair to write to the Chief Executive.

Also discussed at the AGM was the ongoing repairs to the Rosehearty Public Hall on Fordyce Street, which has recently had heaters installed.

Cllr Mair told the Community Council that Aberdeenshire Council had an order of priorities when it came to repairs, telling them that the issue of keeping the hall wind and water tight would be dealt with first.

Flooding across Rosehearty and the area was touched upon, with Cllr Watson stating that a number of factors were involved in flooding issues, including drainage issues and farmers ditches, the latter of which would be cleaned.

Ponding, meanwhile, on the corner of Kings Street, had been resolved.

The Community Council told of the current issues with the museum at Rosehearty Library, pointing out that the items at the museum had not been changed for some time, and that it would be better for the cases at the library to display something else from the Museum Service.

One member commented that the bulk of the items are not part of the Rosehearty collection.

It was agreed that, as a result, the Community Council would write to Museum Service to agree to have the items taken out on the condition that the museum was retained in the library.

Concerning Christmas lights in Rosehearty, the Community Council discussed the price of acquiring lights for the Square, noting that for just 12 lights the bill would be in the region of £7,900, and that they would begin to look at ways to raise money.

Cllr Mair commented that there was nothing stopping the Community Council applying for a grant from Aberdeenshire Council, but made it clear that the application form is in the process of being revamped, adding that he imagined the way in which money is allocated would be changed.

The coastguard said that they would have no issues with the maintenance of the Rosehearty Christmas lights.

The next meeting of the Rosehearty Community Council will be on May 3. As a result, no councillors will be present for the meeting - the date coinciding with the election.