Posthumous launch for Andy’s book

Brought up in Whitehills, Andy Strachan completed the book just before his death in 2014.
Brought up in Whitehills, Andy Strachan completed the book just before his death in 2014.

A book entitled Whitehills and its Four Harbours has been published following the death of its author.

Andy Strachan, a grandson of ‘Duff’ Strachan, was born in Peterhead but brought up in Whitehills. He began research for his book during his retirement and completed it just before his death in 2014.

Published by the Banffshire Field Club, the comprehensive book on the story of the harbours of Whitehills has more than 200 pages and inlcudes 50 black and white photographs and other illustrations.

Written and compiled in recognition of what has been achieved with the ahrd work and common purpose of the Harbour Commissioners and of the community, the book will be an important record and a valued keepsake for anyone who lives in, or has family connections with, Whitehills.

The book tells the story of the struggle over the centuries to make Whitehills a successful and thriving community through its four successive harbours.

For most of that time, those directly engaged in the fishing endured hard and dangerous work from open boats at the mercy of the elements with little reward.

They created a close-knit community determined to survive, despite the loss of life sadly all too common among fishermen.

With only a relatively few years of comparative success and wealth after the Second World War, the present harbour has seen its once substantial fleet disappear like many others along the coast, but has re-invented itself as a busy yachting marinal.

This success could not have happened without the dedication and continuing work of the Harbour Commissioners, all volunteers, who have committed themselves to the common aim of continually improving the harbour facilities. Whitehills and its Four Harbours is priced at £12. For a copy, call Margaret Paterson on 01261 861124 or Isobel Paterson on 01261 815294.