Probational officers assist Broch police

Fraserburgh's probation police officers
Fraserburgh's probation police officers

Fraserburgh Police have received a boost in numbers thanks to the arrival of six probation officers.

The recruits have travelled from all over the UK to work in Fraserburgh and gain experience in different situations.

The enthusiastic new officers are assisted by the local officers who have years of experience and are helping them get through their two year probation course.

Speaking to the Herald Sergeant Sam Buchan said: “We have had the new officers out on foot patrols around the town and they were also present at the Santa parade and Super Saturday events.

“Getting them out and about gives them great experience and they get to mix with local people.”

Dana McGregor is one of the probation officers and she has been based at Fraserburgh for two months.

She said: “It has been really good so far and I’m in a great team.

“Each day is different and I think that is one of the reasons why I decided to join the force.

“I like doing jobs that make a difference to people’s lives and makes them feel comfortable in their own homes.”

Fellow officer Rikki Henderson has been in the Broch for one year and said: “I like working in this caring community and there is a very diverse mix of people and it is great to meet everyone but attending ongoing incidents really gets the adrenaline going.”

Meanwhile Fraserburgh Police have launched Safer Streets, an initiative that will see extra high-visibility officers out on patrol throughout the festive period.

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