Proposal for review of car parking

Councillors today will be asked to approve a comprehensive review of car parking in Aberdeenshire.

In a report by Dorren Mair for the AGM, the Chairperson said: “John May and myself have continued over the period since our last AGM to work alongside Aberdeenshire Council on the Project Team, our most recent meeting being last week. This is a very effective team, with FISSH working on an equal basis and being a strong voice for the community.

“I visited the site last week and talked to the contractors’ site manager. He assured me the project was keeping to schedule and that very soon the ‘envelope would be sealed’, which means that the roof panelling and external walls would be completed. For some months we will not be able to see progress, as this will all be going on inside the building, but come late summer activity on the outside in regard to landscaping etc will get into full swing.

“FISSH, along with the Public Arts Officer and the project lead Architectural Technologist, met and reviewed submissions from 9 Artists for the Suspended Sculpture commission for the Atrium of the new complex; from these we selected 3 for interview. These interviews took part, on-site, in early December 2011 and after discussion it was decided to offer the commission to Carn Standing. The theme for the artwork within the building is ‘Light, Reflection & Movement’.

“There will also be a second commission for art within the building focusing mainly on surface finishes, wall art etc. We have put some money towards paying for this commission based on the understanding that some of the designs and ideas will come through an Enterprise in Education project undertaken by the local schools cluster of 12 primaries and Fraserburgh Academy involving over 3000 kids.

“The staff and pupils are very enthusiastic about the project and it will ensure that the local community have, again, had their voice heard and give the children a real sense of ownership.”

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