Protester mounts Fraserburgh Academy

PROTESTER: Mr Hawksworth climbed the roof of Fraserburgh Academy in protest.
PROTESTER: Mr Hawksworth climbed the roof of Fraserburgh Academy in protest.

A protester climbed onto Fraserburgh Academy’s roof in the early hours of Wednesday morning, making claims that he was being persecuted by the DHSS.

In a statement released on behalf of Mr Hawksworth, he says: “I am staging this protest because of the disgraceful way I’ve been treated by the DHSS.

“Six weeks ago, I became homeless after splitting up with my partner to whom I have two children.

“I informed the housing of my predicament and, after a lot of hard work on their part of which I am grateful for, they managed to put me into temporary accommodation of which I can’t thank them enough.

“However, the DHSS appear to have done everything in their power to keep me downtrodden. In the six weeks that I’ve been trying for help, they have just passed me from pillar to post. I’ve received £110 from crisis loans which is £2.61 per day that is meant to feed me, get gas and electric of which is an impossibility. I’ve been without gas, electric and food for some time now, and, yesterday, I had to look after my daughter who was ill whilst my ex-partner was at work and we had to rely on the goodwill of friends to keep her warm and fed. When I contacted the DHSS, yet again they just kept fobbing me off with one excuse after another. At the end of which they told me they weren’t going to award me any money in the near future. Your children could be the next victims of the DHSS.

“I apologise for any inconvenience caused!”

For the full story, including an interview with the protester, read The Fraserbrugh Herald tomorrow.