Pupils Zumba for charity

Pupils at New Pitsligo and St John’s Primary School have been learning all about Africa this term, and decided that they would like to raise money for The Cogwheel Trust run by a local family.

The Cogwheel Trust is a registered charity, founded in 1995, dedicated to helping destitute children in India and Uganda.

Their work in Uganda began in January, 2003, with the need for a children’s home evident to the charity.

In 2005, a home was opened for children in Namugongo which can accommodate over 100 children, utilising trained staff to attend for the children, who, themselves, are able to atetnd local schools.

To find out more about the Cogwheel Trust, visit their website at www.cogwheeltrust.org.

After brainstorming different ideas for fundraising for the charity, the children of New Pitsligo and St John’s Primary School decided to host a sponsored Zuba-thon, where the children and families were able to donate money to the cause.

Children could make donations of up to £1 to take part in the Zumba-thon.

The children of room one of the primary school wrote letters to local businesses asking for their help, and they would like to extend their thanks to Lovie Quarry and Concrete Products, the Pitsligo Arms Hotel and Gold ‘N Crispy for their very kind donations.

Staff members of New Pitsligo and St John’s Primary School also donated to the cause, and, in total, £441.39 was raised for the Cogwheel Trust.

Mr Hammond, of New Pitsligo, recently visited Uganda and brought back a letter and pictures from the home founded by the Cogwheel Trust. Pupils discovered that the children in the home had used the money to buy new school shoes and were very touched by the generosity shown by the New Pitsligo and St John’s Primary School and all those involved.

Room one would like to give their thanks to Angie Urquhart whio helped to organise the event and was their Zumba instructor for the day.

Angie teaches Zumbatomic to children in the local area nad can be contacted via her Facebook page ‘Zumbatomic with Angie’.

Miss Gillian Stevenson, New Pitsligo and St John’s Primary School’s primary 1/ 2 teacher, would like to say a massive well done to everyone who was involved in the event.

She said that she is completely overwhelmed by the support shown by parents, staff, pupils and the local