Push for improved transport information

Aberdeenshire Council’s transportation team is pushing forward with technological innovations and projects across the north-east to improve public transport information for all.

A number of schemes have been introduced or are in development to enhance the experience for tourists, residents and business travellers

A Real Time Passenger Information system, on-bus information and roadside display improvements using new technology are all being introduced or developed.

An agreement has also been reached with First Aberdeen and Stagecoach Bluebird to maintain roadside timetable displays in Aberdeen City.

This means Aberdeenshire Council will have responsibility for timetable displays at around 1,200 more bus-stops in the North-east.

It already has over 1,200 displays at bus stops in Aberdeenshire, around 80% of the authority’s bus

Chairman of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee, Peter Argyle, said: “We are seeking to provide a consistent, uniform and high standard of bus stop information displays across City and Shire, following a request from bus operators.

“Rolling out the expertise we’ve gained in Aberdeenshire across the area should help those travelling within the city bounds to plan and make journeys more effectively and with more confidence.

“Through the use of technology and by speaking to passengers and consulting with them on transportation issues, we hope public transport is an increasingly attractive option for those who don’t use it, and easier and more accessible for those who

Across Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City “pearl bars” are being introduced to the stop displays, to provide a graphical indication of route and approximate journey times for each bus service using the

For users of smartphones, QR codes (Quick Recognition) and NFC tags (Near Field Communication) are also being rolled out to the roadside displays, providing customers with more information than can be shown on the display.

Recently, Councillor Brian Topping revealed that Aberdeenshire Council would also be improving the congestion caused at Gallowhill Road’s bus stop by putting into place measures to prevent road users blocking access to the bus stop.

For more information on Aberdeenshire Council’s transportation team, visit the Aberdeenshire
Council website at www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk.