Range of topics discussed at monthly meeting

The Council Chambers on Saltoun Square, Fraserburgh.
The Council Chambers on Saltoun Square, Fraserburgh.
  • Community councillors attend monthly meeting
  • Fraserburgh councillors deliver their report
  • Travellers in Fraserburgh and school meals on the agenda

Community councillors and local representatives discussed a range of issues at a recent meeting of Fraserburgh Community Council.

During the meeting, councillors Charles Buchan, Ian Tait and Brian Topping delivered their councillors’ report to members. Councillor Michael Watt was absent from the meeting.

It was so selfish it was incredible

Councillor Ian Tait

Councillor Topping began by highlighting the Barrasgate Road development which has been halted due to the collapse of building firm Muirfield Contracts.

Cllr Topping said it was important for intending tenants to be kept up to date, a sentiment shared by the other councillors.

Councillor Ian Tait highlighted the arrival of a group of travellers at Fraserburgh Beach and reiterated his opposition to the travellers setting up camp on the beach carpark.

Speaking at the meeting, Cllr Tait said: “It was an absolute disgrace. It was so selfish it was incredible.”

Cllr Topping added that he had become aware of the arrival of the travellers on Friday evening and had spoken to Police Scotland about the legality of the travellers parking on disabled parking spaces in particular.

Meanwhile, Councillor Charles Buchan also raised his opposition to the travellers obstructing the car park and raised the issue of formal traveller sites in Aberdeenshire.

Councillor Buchan also highlighted the effect of free school meals for P1-3 pupils at St Andrews School.

A former teacher, Cllr Buchan said he supports the policy but added that it is very complex in terms of large numbers of pupils being taken from one building to another as St Andrews School operates over a split site.

The increase in the number of pupils taking up free school lunches meant there was added pressure in terms of pupils queuing for hot food, cold snacks and drinks all at the same time.

Community council vice-chair Mary Melville questioned whether lunch breaks could be staggered to ease the pressure; however, Cllr Buchan pointed out that this would potentially require an extra staff presence and disrupt the school timetable.