Restaurant proposal gets planning approval

The former shop may become a restaurant.
The former shop may become a restaurant.

Plans which were granted last month to potentially allow a bar/ restaurant to open on Broad Street have yet to get Brochers talking.

The proposals, which were submitted to Aberdeenshire Council’s planning service in February, had only received one letter of representation from a member of the public.

R D Downie Ltd had submitted a letter to planners saying: “Another restaurant would be good for Fraserburgh,” going on to add that they hoped it would offer the Broch a taste of Italian

The planned location for the new addition to the Broch is 77 Broad Street.

Aberdeenshire Council’s roads service, who consulted on the proposals, have previously said: “There are no parking facilities within this property. In theory, the proposed use would require the provision of an additional 3 spaces. However, within the town centre there are several off-street car parks and some ‘limited waiting’ on-street parking.

“The lack of any parking provision within the property is not therefore considered to be a significant problem.”

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