Ridding towns of the seagull menace

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Were you bothered by the noise, the mess and the general nuisance caused by seagulls nesting on the rooftops of you or your neighbour’s home last spring?

If you are awakened by the noise of a seagull’s call in the early morning, it will already be too late to take action, as the young chicks will have hatched.

According to Aberdeenshire Council the time to act is now by having anti-nesting devices erected on your rooftops where the gulls will nest.

Devices which are correctly installed and maintained will ensure that the gulls do not nest there for at least ten years.

Another effective course of action is to remove the seagull’s nest and eggs once they have been laid. Unfortunately, due to the determination of the gulls, this may need to be done two or three times during the breeding season. It is recommended that anyone taking action should employ a professional contractor as working at a height can be dangerous.

Councillor Peter Argyle, chairman of the Infrastructure Services committee, said: “Any actions taken to remove nests or install preventative measures must be done in accordance with the Scottish Government General Licence No 3/2011, which is issued under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.The Act states that certain measures are permitted to control the seagull population where they are causing nuisance, however, any actions taken may have to be justified in terms of public health or public safety.”

Aberdeenshire Council has a strict policy of not harming any live bird or chick, which is why we are urging you to take action now. It would emphasise that the above course of action is not to eradicate the seagulls but to encourage them to move back to their natural nesting area on our coasts. For more information about dealing with seagulls visit: http://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/environmental/seagulls.asp For help removing seagulls contact Pro-Check Environmental Services Northern Ltd on 08448 006484.