Road safety addressed at meeting

The Community Safety Group addressed the issue of road safety last week, with an eye on how to better educate young and would-be drivers about the dangers and realities involved in getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The group heard about programmes in Aberdeenshire currently taking place about how to better tackle the issue, learning that a road safety for young drivers initiative had already been held in Turriff.

The four-day event, targeting 14-16-year-olds, involved learning the youths how to properly check a car for safety, as well as hearing testimonials from the victims of car collisions.

The event was capped by an off-road driving lesson for those who made it through the previous three days.

It was noted that the incentive of the driving lesson was only available to people who had attended all previous days.

Councillors Brian Topping and Michael Watt were keen on bringing the experience to Fraserburgh, suggesting that it could dovetail into the on-going ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ campaign and the upcoming Fraserburgh Gala.

“If it saves a life, it’s worth it,” said Councillor Watt.

Councillor Topping voted to approve, provisionally, in bringing it to the town, finding a seconder.

Councillor Topping had said beforehand that the event could incorporate both ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ and ‘Pass Plus’.