Rock Choir to perform at AOG Church

Nearly 60 Rock Choir members will perform uplifting songs at a special performance at the AOG Church in Fraserburgh on Saturday, May 3.

The All Inclusive conference, which runs from May 2 to May 4, is being treated to a performance of classic songs ‘Ain’t no Mountain’ and ‘Oh Happy Day’.

Members from Rock Choir in Aberdeen, Stonehaven and Inverurie will be taking part in the event.

Rock Choir leader, Chris Mutch, who runs fun weekly sessions is thrilled to be taking part and supporting his local church.

Commenting, Chris said: “The songs we’ll be performing are such inspirational, uplifting numbers and the members really enjoy singing them. Rock Choir is very much based within local communities so we’re really proud to support the conference.”

The conference is free to join and everyone is welcome.

For more information contact Alison West on 01346 518006.

Rock Choir is the UK’s largest contemporary choir, with more than 16,000 members in over 300 local communities. There are no auditions and no requirements to read music or have any previous singing experience.

Rock Choir members get together each week to attend fun, friendly rehearsals where they are taught specially arranged pop and rock songs. There are lots of exciting performances throughout the year and many of them help raise money for charity.

For a free taster session or more information about times go to or call 01252 714 276.