Rock with the Rev!


Whether it is visual art or music that floats your boat, both play a part in a concert this Sunday evening. It will feed two senses for the price of none – the concert is free.

The concert will take place in the Fraserburgh West Church this Sunday evening (January 30), starting at 7.30pm.

Stephen Brown, Minister of the United Reformed Church in Fraserburgh, released a CD (“Freeloading Believer”) of his own songs in December 2009 and some of these will feature in the concert along with others he has written since.

The concert forms part of a tour that goes as far south as Cambridge – with seven concerts in all.

“I’m delighted with the opportunity these concerts are giving me to share the music with a wide variety of people,” Stephen said.

“Music is a passion of mine and the writing of songs a particular pleasure.”

The music style is acoustic but, given that Stephen is a sometimes player in a local covers band playing rock and pop, some of those influences echo a little through the night. The background Stephen gives to the writing of the songs has been a welcome feature of previous concerts.

The songs, while not overtly religious in nature, are intended to be thought provoking. And they are accompanied by projections of oil paintings by Stephen’s wife.

“Having spent years working in art studios in Manchester, Jan has produced some fine paintings. They form the visual backdrop to the music and the artistic heart of the CD package. So...even if the music doesn’t hit the spot, the paintings might just do so. is a risk free venture! Entry costs nothing!” he added.