Rosehearty in a league of their own


At the third meeting of the League on Wednesday, June 8, competition underdogs Rosehearty bounced back with a penetrating attack and rock solid defence that secured them a 5-goal bonanza and for the first time for any team in the league, a completely clean sheet for their defence.

This impressive performance made them overall winners on the night. However, an ever-consistent South Park remain the league leaders, now drawing away from their nearest rivals Lochpots with a substantial 6 point lead.

Inverallochy, who at the previous meeting shared the honours with South Park, suffered this time due to the much improved defensive line-up of most other teams, struggling to get any penetration and securing only two goals. Rathen were the one team that suffered defensively this week, conceding eight goals. However, having demonstrated previously that they can be a match for anyone, even though they may not figure on the podium, other teams will be aware Rathen may still play the role of ‘kingmaker’ and will treat them lightly at their peril.

The final league meeting is at Kessock Park on Wednesday June 22 at 5 p.m.

Latest coaching news – in addition to the Level 2 coach training on offer, there is to be a level 1, Youth course in Peterhead in the next few weeks (date to be confirmed). Anyone wishing to attend please contact the Active Schools Coordinator or by phone on 01346 511239