Running club

Fraserburgh running club had good conditions during its 9th handicap race recently.

21 runners competed in the event. Best run on the night goes to Stephen Buchan (St Combs) who won the race and also had a P.B.

Lisa Stephen, Alec Duthie and Marc Caldwell also had excellent runs and P.Bs. David Abernethy came in second in the race and now moves 10 points clear at the Top of The League with 3 races to go.

Elaine Whyte and Mark Caldwell had the best Scratch times.

Handicap: 1 Stephen Buchan 47:50; 2 David Abernethy 47:51; 3 Mark Caldwell 47:54; 4 Jayne Watt 48:07; 5 Lisa Stephen 48:13; 6 Alec Duthie 48:25; 7 Ismael Clark 48:26; 8 Elaine Whyte 48:26; 9 RTB 48:30; 10 Carol Massie 48:32

Ladies Scratch: Elaine Whyte 32.26; Lisa Stephen 34:03; Carol Massie 37:57

Mens Scratch: Mark Caldwell 31:24; Robbie Youngson 32:30; Malcolm Sinclair 32:52

Top League Positions: David Abernethy 44 points; Stephen Milne 34; Billy McBeath, Elaine Whyte and Lisa Stephen 30; Stephen Buchan 28; Graeme Clark 27; Robbie Youngson 23

Next Race: August 31

Odds: Stephen Milne and Robbie Youngson Evens; Allan Goodall 3/1; Alec Duthie 5/1