Running Club news

There was a good turnout of 25 runners competing in the 8th handicap race recently.

Best run for the ladies came from Lisa Stephen who just missed out on a P.B and Elaine Whyte who had the best Scratch time for the ladies.

Maureen Garden had a good run in her first race and should be in the points for the remaining races in the season.

Best runs from the men came from Graeme Clark with the only P.B. and Ismael Clark who came in first improving his time by 55 seconds from the previous race. Jim Bowie who came in second also had a great run equalling his P.B.

Top League Positions: David Abernethy 35 points, Stephen Milne 34 points, Billy McBeath 30 points, Elaine Whyte and Graeme Clark 27 points, Robbie Youngson 23 points, Lisa Stephen 22 points and Gillian Strachan 21 points.

Handicap: 1 Ismael Clark 47:30, 2 Jim Bowie 47:55, 3 G.Clark 47:59, 4 Malcolm Sinclair 48:13, 5 Stephen Buchan 48:18, 6 Lisa Stephen and Maureen Garden 48:26, 7 Elaine Whyte 48:29, 8 RTB 48:29, 9 Jayne Watt 48:31, 10 Gordon McAllister 48:40.

Mens Scratch: Robbie Youngson 32:27, Malcolm Sinclair 32:33, Stephen Milne 32:46

Ladies Scratch: Elaine Whyte 32:35, Gillian Strachan 33:46, Lisa Stephen 34:16

Next Handicap Race: Wednesday August 17

Odds: Billy McFarlane evens, Maureen Garden 2/1, Gillian Strachan and Lisa Stephen 5/1, Men 100/1